Weekly Challenge for 4-14-14

Weekly Challenge for 4-14-14

Photo courtesy of The Dancer's Eye

It’s another Monday, time for a weekly belly dance challenge! Are you ready?

Making Choreographies

*GASP* some of you may say! “I don’t know how to choreograph!” And that’s okay. Making choreographies is a skill, just like learning how to shimmy. It’s something that needs to be practiced, just like hip drops. Sure, there will be gifted choreographers, just like there are gifted dancers, but they…

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Weekly Challenge for 4-7-14

Weekly Challenge for 4-7-14


Another Monday, which means it’s time for another challenge! Are you ready?

Drum Rhythms

When I was a baby dancer, my teacher told us that the drum was the most important instrument for belly dancers. We dance to the drum. Of course, we can always dance to the most prominent instrument in a piece, but the drum is where the heart of the dance lies.

Middle Eastern music is rather different than…

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Obligatory post-performance selfie ;) #bellydance

Obligatory post-performance selfie ;) #bellydance

Weekly Challenge for 3-31-14

Weekly Challenge for 3-31-14


The last day of March! Let’s hope April feels more like Spring than March did! And it’s Monday, so it’s time for another challenge!

Reach for the Next Level

When we first start belly dance, we stand in awe of the marvelous things that our idols can do. The belly rolls, the sharp isolations, the ease of improvisation…

When we’ve done it awhile, we sometimes get frustrated at our (seeming) lack of…

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Weekly Challenge for 3-24-14

Weekly Challenge for 3-24-14

How is your Spring going? It snowed yesterday here in ChiBeria. Not very Spring-like, is it?!

Let’s get onto the challenge for this last full week of March!

Cultural Knowledge

There’s been a lot going around lately about cultural appropriation, and whether or not is is okay for white (American/Western) women to belly dance. A lot has already been said, and there are others who have mirrored my…

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I think my next belly dance costume will be Camo Couture! Whatcha think?! #yuck #costume #maybenever

I think my next belly dance costume will be Camo Couture! Whatcha think?! #yuck #costume #maybenever

Weekly Challenge for 3-17-14

Weekly Challenge for 3-17-14


Another week, another challenge!

But first, a shameless plug: it’s sometimes a challenge for me to keep up a weekly blog. If you like these challenges, please help me spread the word about them! Give me a “like” on Facebook, or a re-tweet on Twitter. Or share this blog on your social media of choice. At the end of every challenge, I’ve added a “click-to-tweet” where you can share that you are…

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After #makeup! Time for the show! #bellydance #theglint

After #makeup! Time for the show! #bellydance #theglint

Before #makeup.

Before #makeup.

Weekly Challenge for 3-10-14

Weekly Challenge for 3-10-14


Time for this week’s challenge! Are you ready?


I, personally, think that part of the appeal of belly dance is that you don’t need to be flexible to be good at it. You don’t see a lot of the famous dancers out of Egypt doing many splits or high kicks, though back bends are routine (for me back bends are more about ab strength than back flexibility, but that might just be me). I think…

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